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UK Property Portfolio Investment

We source properties that will make ideal rental investments. The properties are refurbished to a very high standard to maximise rental returns. Opportunities are available to purchase properties at upto 25% off the market value. This means that you will have an immediate equity profit of upto 25% on purchase.

Rental values will also attract profits of approximately 25%. You will also benefit from substantial discounts on our normal management rates. This will maximise your monthly rental income which will be paid on a monthly basis.

Properties are available throughout the Merseyside region. We offer a range of properties varying in size and price to suit all budgets.

If you want to build a successful property portfolio with minimal costs contact us NOW!


Overseas Investments


Cayman Islands investment land opportunities. With planning permissions in place

Email for further details.


Terms, conditions and fees apply. Property prices can rise and fall which will affect the value of your investment. Mortgage rates can be variable which will affect rental income. It is wise to take professional mortgage advice before proceeding.